Party Bus Lexington FAQ

Is it possible to get an exact price quote over the Internet?

Absolutely! You can get one instantly by giving us a call, but if you'd rather just send an email you can find our email address at the top of every page of this site, as well as on the contact page. If you want a price quote as quickly as possible, be sure to include these three pieces of information:

  • the date you'll require our services
  • the number of passengers you will bring
  • the cities you plan to visit during your trip

My friends and I don't want to miss a certain show that's airing during our trip. I've heard that some of your buses feature HD antennas. Does this mean we'll be able to watch our show on the road while it's live on the air?

Yes, but please note that our HD antennas only work when the bus is parked. We recommend bringing DVDs for your drive time, and tell the chauffeur to find a good parking spot before your show starts!

We're throwing a bachelor party and want to do some of our partying on the road. Are we allowed to bring alcohol on board?

Of course you are! That's why they call it a party bus! Our high quality bars have built-in coolers and they are stocked with ice and cups, so all you've got to do is bring your favorite beverages, whether alcoholic or nonalcoholic.

Can we also smoke on board?

We are sorry to our smoking customers, but in order to keep our furnishings completely fresh and clean, we do not allow smoking on our buses.